The future of (digital) health and wellness is here, now!

ZenNut (www.zennut.com) recently launched it’s first application built to solve the persistent challenge of creating a comprehensive and engaging preventive health and wellness platform.
This technology solution integrates custom-built wellness program workflows with biometric and activity data, such that organizations (whether they be companies, clubs or affinity groups) can support individuals in identifying their most appropriate wellness regimen, provide tools necessary to engage, and track progress towards defined goals and outcomes.

So, how does it work?

First, anyone with responsibility for administering a wellness program can create or register an organization on the platform with just a few clicks. Having registered their organization, administrators can choose programs from a marketplace full of available wellness programs and events. There are a number of free ‘templates’ available for common programs and challenges that most organizations can start with. Each of these is fully customizable.

Program administrators can launch an initial set programs within minutes, with appropriately designed incentives to boost participation. Among the initial programs, administrators may choose Health Risk and Biometric Assessment modules that provide a baseline for organizational health.

Next, individual program participants can choose programs they want to participate in, and connect any of the most commonly used devices and applications that provide ongoing activity and biometric data directly to the system, including:

  • Distance, Steps, Pace and Elevation for Run/Walk/Cycle/Climb
  • Time-based for Sleep/Volunteering/Workouts
  • Weight and Volume for Nutrition, Hydration and Weight
  • Count-based for Attendance type programs, or for Chronic Disease Management, where doing a specific activity (like taking medication at the appropriate time) is critical
  • Blood Pressure, BPM, Body Fat% etc. for Biometrics

All biometric and activity data remain private within the system in individual dashboards, till a user accepts participation in any program, at which point the relevant data is used to create leaderboards, provide community support, and calculate incentives.

Envisioning the future of digital health and wellness with ZenNut

The aggregate biometric and activity data provides critical analysis of a person’s well-being at any given time. This data, combined with demographic data (like the person’s location, profession, gender and heritage) gives ZenNut’s analytics engine all the necessary information to personalize recommendations for future wellness activities and healthy living programs.

Ultimately, this lifecycle workflow management, data aggregation, and prescriptive modeling of wellness activities provides individuals (and the organizations that have an interest in their health and wellness) the necessary programs, information, incentives and tools to be happy, healthy and productive.

And that’s something worth being nuts about!

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