Simplify Action to Motivate Participation

Next week, ZenNut, the enterprise workflow management platform for corporate wellness launches its Beta application (followed by General Availability on October 1, 2015).

As we designed and built the application, the critical question that kept popping up was how you motivate people to participate in wellness activities and healthy habits. Programs and products we reviewed largely used 3 strategies:

Gamification – making wellness activities into challenges that people participate in and get points

Social interaction – creating social interactions around wellness activities that let people interact with others

Rewards and incentives – providing a reward for participation. These could be a large variety of things from cash, to healthcare insurance discounts

While ZenNut believes that each of these is important, we’ve found that the biggest motivator for creating sustainable action comes from ensuring simplicity. We believe that people have enough intrinsic motivation to act as long as the actions can be simple, and provide a short-cycle feedback loop. In fact, this is true not only for participants of wellness programs, but also providers and administrators of these programs. ZenNut’s challenge – one I believe we have successfully met – has been to create a platform that can provide simplicity and flexibility to every stakeholder in the system.

  1. Allow Administrators to find, launch and track wellness programs effortlessly. In fact, basic programs to get people moving, eating and drinking right can be launched to a global employee base in minutes.
  2. Participants can sign up to and participate in programs and track their activity with any currently available wearable or app, or indeed easily input manual data. 90% of the wellness activities that normal people would be able to initially sustain will be straightforward.
  3. Providers can easily create their specific programs and launch it to a marketplace, and have a fully automated workflow from order to cash that helps them focus on running wellness programs, instead of managing invitations and invoices.
  4. Finally, the algorithms that ZenNut has developed for indexing health and wellness activities and results provide every stakeholder with with positive short-cycle feedback from participating in healthy living initiatives.

Employee health and wellness remains the next big frontier in human capital management. ZenNut simplifies the solution.

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