October 2015 Wellness Event Management Features Update

On Monday, October 19th, 2015, ZenNut officially launches it’s first application for organizations to be able to easily manage programs and events for wellness, culture and social engagement among associates. You can sign up for a trial version by going to the Registration Page.

The first general availability application will come fully featured with the following additional capabilities, beyond the Beta application functionality:

  1. Mobile native application for users to manage their wellness/engagement activities without PC access
  2. Integration with all the popular health and fitness wearables, devices and applications for direct data transfer
  3. “Add to Calendar” feature to allow users to add events directly into their regular calendars
  4. “Attended” button to allow users to check into events they’ve participated in’
  5. Several new program templates for Admins to choose from
  6. “Accountability Circles” — a new program model that allows people to sign up to be accountable for tasks and report back to a supportive group on a regular basis.
  7. “Negative Goals” capability useful for tracking activities and programs where reductions from baseline is the target. Useful for Weight Loss, Sugar Management, Smoking Cessation type programs

With these additional features, ZenNut becomes on of the most comprehensive platforms for managing and tracking wellness, culture and social engagement activities.

Yes, go on. Be a ZenNut.


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