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ITO/BPO companies use ZenNut Digital Health Platform to create greater employee engagement

The IT Services and BPO industry continues to face employee attrition and productivity challenges. Onsite resources are particularly susceptible to low engagement and lack of affinity with their employers, leaving companies struggling with thousands of employees who lack a sense of common purpose, and a shared culture. If globally distributed teams is the future of work, building great engagement among associates and bringing a sense of community becomes a critical success factor for these organizations.

On the other hand, given the constraints on time and regional distribution, HR has been hard pressed to find sustainable methods to create a community among their employee base.

ZenNut solves this challenge by implementing an engagement model that uses a digital health and fitness software platform for creating social engagement through gamification, creative design and individual & team data tracking.

Over 1000 customers have used ZenNut across the globe, with participation averaging 92%, which is substantially higher than any other similar engagement programs. Some of our clients on ZenNut have discovered common love for running, cycling, or yoga, across regional boundaries, that have created personal connections among global employees that did not otherwise interact with each other.

That they are all getting healthier, and more productive is just an added bonus! 

Learn more at or come by any of our social media page.

Programs packaged for IT Services and Outsourcing companies:

Programs Package

Programs Package including multiple Fitness, Yoga Meditation, Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep and Volunteering programs and opportunities

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