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Performance Analytics is not just about a dashboard

What is Performance Analytics? Performance Analytics is a critical component of effective Performance Management; sitting at the intersection of KPIs, metrics, target setting, and monitoring. It aligns performance objectives and target goals, with the appropriate data to provide real-time decision analytics.  (John’s Hopkins University, Center for Performance Management) Performance Analytics is a lot more than a Visualization […]

ITO/BPO companies use ZenNut Digital Health Platform to create greater employee engagement

The IT Services and BPO industry continues to face employee attrition and productivity challenges. Onsite resources are particularly susceptible to low engagement and lack of affinity with their employers, leaving companies struggling with thousands of employees who lack a sense of common purpose, and a shared culture. If globally distributed teams is the future of work, […]

‘Net Calorie’ calculations should use 50% calories out from exercise

ZenNut Net Calorie Synthetic Metric for Weight Management Programs: Net Calories = (Calories In) – 0.5(Calories Out) When you begin any new fitness regimen, it’s important to track a ‘net calories’ calculation for weight management. Very often, we hear of people who start running or working out, complain that their weight starts to trend up. There […]

ZenNut Mobile is now available for iOS

Take your ZenNut Wellness Management app on the go. Check in at events, review the leaderboard, add your data or integrate with any of 47 different tracking applications and wearable devices! Download ZenNut now from the App Store. All your data is already in place if you’re registered with ZenNut. If not, you can join […]

October 2015 Wellness Event Management Features Update

On Monday, October 19th, 2015, ZenNut officially launches it’s first application for organizations to be able to easily manage programs and events for wellness, culture and social engagement among associates. You can sign up for a trial version by going to the Registration Page. The first general availability application will come fully featured with the following […]

The future of (digital) health and wellness is here, now!

ZenNut (www.zennut.com) recently launched it’s first application built to solve the persistent challenge of creating a comprehensive and engaging preventive health and wellness platform. This technology solution integrates custom-built wellness program workflows with biometric and activity data, such that organizations (whether they be companies, clubs or affinity groups) can support individuals in identifying their most […]

ZenNut Launches Application Beta

ZenNut launched its beta application into production with a select set of clients and partners. – Time taken to register and ESTABLISH an organization on the platform – 3 minutes – Time to find and LAUNCH a Run/Walk program from the free list – 2 minutes – Time to CREATE a completely program for donating […]

Simplify Action to Motivate Participation

Next week, ZenNut, the enterprise workflow management platform for corporate wellness launches its Beta application (followed by General Availability on October 1, 2015). As we designed and built the application, the critical question that kept popping up was how you motivate people to participate in wellness activities and healthy habits. Programs and products we reviewed […]